5G Technology

World’s first 5G smartphone can be available in the market by 2019, Qualcomm’s chief executive said it on Thursday.

The CEO of World’s biggest smartphone chip maker, Steven Malkappf said in an interview that the growing demand of consumers has forced us to upgrade our device to a new network.

You’ll see 5G devices by 2019, if you ask me this same thing a year ago, I would say to you 2020, that Mollenkopf said in an interview during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Upgrading to any network means introducing a new business model and a new mobile service, but it is a challenge for companies that are not able to invest in these upgrades.

In the early period of 1990 2G came, 3G and 4G in 2010 and 5G in the coming time. In the same way, this will make your phone faster and connect it with your car, machine and many other devices.

Qualcomm’s executive has said that South Korea, Japan and the US have so many networks that are working on this coming technology.

Mollenkopf said that you will see that South Korea, Japan and the United States will be aware of this technology first, that these countries had first introduced their people to 3G and 4G.

China is the world’s largest mobile phone maker, but it also precedes these countries, but this time China will also want to join the category of 1St Movers.

Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea’s PyeongChang in February 2018 can be the first showcase of 5g technology.

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