WhatsApp will be linked to Instagram after this new feature of Facebook!

If you are using both WhatsApp and Instagram, then Facebook can announce a special feature for you. These features will be especially loved by Instagram users. According to the reports, the company is testing a new feature, by this Instagram users will be able to directly share their Insta Stories as Whatsapp status.

However, for it, users will have to press the send button to post the story in messaging app. Whatsapp Story and Instagram Story both live for 24 hours. Users who like to update the story in both places can save enough time by this feature.

At the moment, Facebook is only testing this feature with some users. The company has not issued any statement about this. Users will be able to share pictures, videos, and GIF files without any hesitation since this feature. Because all these content will be encrypted.

If you like Instagram stories, WhatsApp stories, and Facebook stories, you are happy to know that Instagram stories will be shared directly on Facebook. However, this feature has been made available only to US Instagram users.

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