Volvo’s new V60 AD force backfire and make you desire an old Volvo Preferably

Today, Volvo discharged a 90-second secret for the updated V60 wagon it intends to uncover one week from now. It’s short on specs, yet you can likely expect the new V60 will be as great as whatever remains of Volvo’s lineup. It will presumably look a considerable measure like a littler Volvo V90, utilize inside materials found in the XC60, and offer a few recognizable motor choices. In our first drive audit, we’ll presumably let you know the V60 is a phenomenal little wagon that you ought to genuinely consider.

The issue is, regardless of whether you’re as of now intrigued by Volvo’s freshest wagon, you may alter your opinion subsequent to viewing the video underneath. No, there aren’t significant creation quality issues, and no, you won’t see anything that makes the V60 resemble an awful auto. What you will see, in any case, is a film of a few more seasoned Volvos that you’ll be enticed to purchase. The enthusiastic ambient sounds won’t help your sentimentality, either.

In the event that you aren’t cautious, the promotion that Volvo made to offer another wagon could prompt a brisk Craigslist scan for that 1800ES you’ve generally needed. When you begin perusing, there’s a shot you’ll see one that is all around kept up and evaluated right. Before you know it, you may even wind up giving over a trade stuffed envelope out a trade for the keys to a Volvo that is route more established than the new V60 you’d been considering purchasing.

To the extent we’re worried, there’s nothing amiss with that. However, Volvo’s promoting division may not really concur.

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