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Twitter has announced that the company is ending the support of dedicated desktop Mac applications and has removed it from the Web and Apple App Store.

A Twitter tweeted on Twitter late on Friday, “We are focusing our efforts on providing a better Twitter experience, which is for all platforms. That’s why Twitter for Mac App will not be available for download today.
According to the news of the news, the micro-blogging site said that the support for Twitter for Mac will also be shut down in 30 days. This means that users will now have to use third-party apps like TweetDeck to use this website or to avail its services.

The Verge report said, “Twitter once again failed to provide timely features to the Mac App for the Mac App. The company had taken more than seven months to bring the ‘Moments’ feature in the Mac app, which was launched for Mac customers in October of 2015.


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