children overeat

So, Do Children Overeat Because Of This?

In the state of sadness and depression, people are eating more and it is called ’emotional eating’. During this time, Unhealthy feels more of food intake. New research has revealed that emotional eating affects not only adults but also children.

A research on nature has confirmed that the child behaves differently in the state of happiness and sadness. Not only in the state of sadness, it is more attractive to junk food but more than usual.

In earlier research, it was revealed that those who are suffering from depression are unhygienic food, which leads to obesity. Due to excessive eating, there is an increase in their depression and health is also poor.

The research was done by the University of Texas and Dollars. During the research, 91 children from 4.5 years to 9 years were included. The children were divided into separate groups and each was shown different film scenes of the mood. During the emotional scene, children eat more chocolate.

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