A new research has found that sitting for a long time can be harmful to your health. This can lead to early death, you do not need to worry about it, researchers say that, to avoid this take breaks and start walking for half an hour.

Annals of Internal Medicine appear online, this research says that the job of your desk is slowly killing you, in this research, a link has been found between long sitting and early death.

In an email from the author of the study, Keith Diaz Newsweek said, “I think the simplest way to avoid this is to sit less and walk more”.

Unfortunately, during the office work, it is difficult to take a break while sitting on work, the study says that the hindrance during the work helps reduce this risk, and a short break can control it considerably.

Diaz says that “Your long movement is a better (which works to lessen the risk of death)”. it is difficult to avoid getting too many people sitting for long.

In the study, researchers followed 7,985 adults in four years, in which their age and how long they sit, how much they break during work all these things have been taken care of, this research found that people who are sitting for long periods of time are more prone to death.

Researcher Diaz has told that more walking controls blood sugar in the body, and avoids having a bold clot in the foot. But if you look a bit closer, the researchers also received money as an unrestricted grant from the Coca-Cola Company.

In the end, no one should sit too long. It keeps the mind healthy too and you can also avoid being too close to the doctor.


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