CES 2018: The special pen drive will extend the memory of your smartphone to 1000 GB

No matter how much the smartphone’s memory can be increased, there is still less space for users. Some years ago, where people had only 4 GB of internal storage on their phones, nowadays people do not think about the phones under 32, 64 and 128 GB storage. Because nowadays everything is going digital.

In this case, some people want their phones to be 1 or 2 terabytes so that can do all their works on the phone. This is the good news for those who want to keep it. SanDisk has launched the world’s smallest Pendrive with 1 terabyte (TB) storage space, which is slightly smaller than the normal USB flash drive.

What is the specialty of Pen Drive

This pen drive is working on USB-C technology by this user can directly connect it to their smartphone without any OTG cable. With this pen drive, we can increase the storage capacity of our smartphone to 1 terabyte.
After inserting this pen drive on your phone, you can store or transfer any data from your phone in superspeed. The user will not feel that this 1 TB SPACE is not a phone but a PenDrive.

Launch CES 2018 Event

SanDisk introduced ultra-portable USB flash drive during the CES 2018, Consumer Electronic Show running in Las Vegas, USA. In comparison, Kington has already launched the Data Traveler Ultimate GT Pendrive with 2 TB Spacetime. But what’s so special about this:

None of Kingston’s 2 TB USB pen drive works on USB-C technology, but their technology was USB 3.0. This means that you will always need OTG cable to connect to your phone, but this new flash drive from SanDisk will be connected to the phone by the normal charging cable and the speed of the data transfer will be quite fast.

Many USB-C Flash Drives offered by SanDisk are currently a prototype model, its market price and launch date have not yet been released. At the moment, experts assumed that this new USB flash drive costs will be around $350.

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