Everyone knows about the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung over occupying the smartphone market. But Apple’s biggest rival Samsung wants Apple’s new iPhone X to hit. You might be surprised to hear that how would Samsung get benefit from the hit of the opponent company’s phone?

So, we tell you that Samsung is going to get the most benefit from Apple’s phone’s hit. Because, Apple has given Samsung the order of several new parts of its new iPhone X, such as 70 million OLED screens and memory chips. From this, Samsung is going to benefit from millions of dollars.

A market research named Counter Point Research has done an analysis for the Wall Street Journal. In this, they said that Samsung will earn more than $4 billion from the spare parts of iPhone X, Which they will earn 20 months later from the sell of his own flagship Galaxy S8 handset.

They estimate that Apple will sell 13 million iPhone X phones. From this, Samsung will earn $ 110 on each set till the summer of 2019. At the same time, the global sales of the Galaxy S8 are expected to be up to 5 million, so that Samsung will earn $ 202 per phone in the next 20 months.

Well, this is not the first case when two rival companies are working together with each other. For example, LG Electronics creates its own product, while working with the General Electric Company as well.

Oil companies Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Exxon Mobil Corp compete for drilling rights in some markets and work together in some markets. But, the complex relationship between Apple and Samsung is unique in itself.


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