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At present time, two big companies like Apple and Google have removed the headphone jack from their smartphones, next year some other big companies are also going to do the same.

According to reports, after Apple and Google, companies like HTC, Motorola, Xiaomi and Huawei are preparing to remove headphone jacks from their flagship smartphone next year.

At the same time, Huawei will also be going to launch their new Mate 10 Pro on October 16 without the headphone jack. This phone will launch with a 4000mAh of battery, 5.9-inch display (1440*2880 pixels), Android Orao 8.0, 6 GB RAM and dual rear camera (20 MP + 12 MP).

What is the reason for removing headphone jack from smartphones?

As far as the phone is concerned about the removal of the headphone jack, Apple or Google has not given some exact reason about it. Recently Google’s product chief Mario Queiroz told the media on the question of removing headphone jacks from the phone during the launch of Google Pixel 2, “We want to extend the phone’s display closer to the edge. We have been trying for it since last year but this time we succeeded. We want the phone to have more display and lesser bezel.” At the same time, he told that the headphone jack is being removed due to slim phone.

Although Google’s logic does not seem to understand that the bezel is getting more because of the headphone jack. There are many smartphones in the market, which have been given headphone jacks with less bezel, for example, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Wireless is also a reason behind it. In the past few days, users are moving towards wireless headphones, seeing that companies are removing headphone jacks and launching dongles instead of jack. By this, headphones can also be used at the time of charging. Although headphones jack is an important feature in the phone.


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