Vodafone on Moon

You will remember Vodafone’s Dog Pug and his famous advertising campaign, which has a catch line – Happy Two Help You will be surprised to know that this help of Pag is going to get you to the moon. Vodafone will reach its mobile phone network in the next year. This will be the first attempt to launch a mobile network on the moon.

So even if it is a far cry from creating a human habitation on the moon, but there is going to reach the mobile network there. Actually, this effort is being made under the mission of the private funds. This will be possible with high-definition streaming from the moon to earth.

According to Reuters, Vodafone Germany, Nokia, and car company, Audi is working together on this campaign. It is a great achievement after 50 years of campaigning before the human step on NASA’s moon.

Vodafone has made Nokia its own technology partner for this. Nokia will develop a space-grade network on the moon, which will be less weight hardware than a sugar cube. All the companies working with Berlin’s PTS Scientist are working on this project. This project will be launched from Cape Canaveral in 2019 with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

According to a Vodafone official, the 4G network will be launched on the moon, not the 5G. Actually, the test is going on in many places of 5G and can not be trusted that it will work well on the surface of the moon.


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