With the joint effort of Microsoft, Facebook and Infrastructure Company Telxius, the work of putting a massive subsea cable between Virginia Beach to Bilbao, Spain has been completed.

This is an incredible achievement by Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius, the cable with 4.65 million kg in weight and 6,598 km in length running in the Atlantic Ocean, which can transmit 160 terabytes of data per second.

This project has been completed in 2 years, before the estimated time; the gigantic cable is about 4,100 miles long and 17000 feet below the surface of the ocean.
It is an example of the unmatched technical capabilities, Last week Microsoft had said that this cable would deliver data up to 160 terabits per second, it is equal to streaming 71 million HD video simultaneously. All three partners did not say anything about the cost of the MAREA (the name of the cable).

MAREA, which is called “tide” in Spanish. In most of the region, this cable is made by eight pairs of fiber optic cables and is completely covered by copper. Also, the outer part of the cable is covered with plastic protective layers, as well as a waterproof coating.
Submarine cable in the Atlantic carries 55 percent more data than the trans-Pacific routes and 40 percent more data than the US-Latin America.

Microsoft President Brad Smith said in a blog post “There is no doubt that demand for data is increasing continuously across the Atlantic.”

The company stated that they buried some parts in the ocean to protect from shipping traffic, it is mostly done in the nearby shores of the sea. It would be completely operational by early 2018.

Microsoft has said that the cable is made with an open design, they stated that the cable is capable of adjusting different types of networking equipment and technologies in the future. With the completion of Marea, Microsoft has announced the Azure availability area to expand the capabilities of its cloud structure.


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