Windows Phone

After a long time of competing for the sale of their Windows Phone with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating system (OS), Microsoft has now accepted that Windows Phone has died and the company is no more developing new feature or hardware.

For the people who have been using Windows Phone for a very long time, it is no wonder that the reason for this change in the strategy is the inability to attract app developers on Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Corporate vice president of Microsoft’s operating system Joe Belfiore revealed in his tweets on Sunday night that the Windows OS will only work to fix bugs and provide security updates for its current users and will not develop any new features.

Belfiore said in her tweet,”Of course we will continue to support the platform, which includes bug fixes, security updates. But there is no focus on the creation of new features or hardware.” Devices which are using Windows OS are HP Elite X3, Microsoft Lumia 950, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and Nokia Lumia 930.

HP Inc. has stopped production of its Windows handset. HP Inc. recently acknowledged that there will not be any new phone in its current ‘Elite’ Windows Smartphone lineup.
Belfiore also agreed that Microsoft will help the old customers of Windows 10 who want iOS or Android in their device.

Belfiore said that Microsoft will still continue regular bug fixes and security updates for people or businesses which using Windows Mobile 10. But do not expect anything from that.

However, just because Windows 10 Mobile Life is on support, it may be very quick to say that Microsoft’s long-rumored surface phone is dead.


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