In the present time, two-wheeler maker companies are using lots of new technologies to increase performance and the mileage of their scooters and bikes. For example, we have heard about Honda’s HET technology, Yamaha’s Bluecore technology and Suzuki’s SEP technology. Today we will know how these technologies work.

According to Auto Expert Tutu Dhawan, Honda’s HET Technology, Suzuki’s SEP Technology and Yamaha’s Blue Core Technology are all similar in nature, just these technologies have been given different names.

Let us tell you that in this kind of technology the software of the engine’s ECM (engine control module) changes, due to which the pickup of the vehicle is reduced and its mileage is increased. This kind of technology is very popular in many countries.

Yamaha’s Bluecore Technology
In this technology, some parts of the engine are improvised. Moving parts and mufflers are lightened with engine intake port, combustion chamber, advanced electric charging system. With the help of which the engine works very efficiently, in addition, the pickup is reduced by changing the engine’s ECM (engine control module).

The result is less consumption of fuel, with the help of which it provides more mileage but there is no shortage of engine performance and riding quality is also improved.

HET Technologies of Honda
Honda Eco Technology, which is known as HET, this technology also works on the same rule, with the help of this technology, bike or scooter gives better mileage, as well as improvements in its performance.

The HET focuses on reducing friction in the engine components by using light substances so that the overall efficiency of the engine increases to about 11%. Due to the HET technology, the weight of the new engine has decreased by 8% compared to the previous engine.

Suzuki’s SEP Technology
Suzuki’s SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance) also follows the same rule in which the engine has been lightened, it has improved its cooling system and has increased the compression ratio it also improvised the compartment so that the engine works much better and Increase mileage by reducing fuel consumption.


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