Jamia did the agreement

NewDelhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s digital India mantra will now digitize the health center of Jamia Millia Islamia University. It started by Asif Shah, a student of BA LLB, in the Faculty of Law, in Jamia.

Asif, influenced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s digital India campaign, has launched a company called Stetho Health System. Asif’s company has made an agreement with Jamia’s Primary Health Center, MA Ansari to complete the digitization of this center.
Jamia Vice-Chancellor Professor Tatt Ahmed formally launched this project in the Engineering Faculty Auditorium. Professor Ahmed said, “I am feeling very happy to start with that our students keep such thinking. This system will prove to be very beneficial for students, teachers, and employees of the university. ‘

The Steatho Health System Company, a cloud-based electronic health recording system that will convert all records of Jamia’s health center into digital forms. All data of patients, medicines, clinical and medical data, appointment logs, clinical information, medication history, and health center health analytics data will be given digital shape, which will be safe in the cloud.

These systems will be in two parts, which will have a web-based portal which will be for the doctor and will be a mobile app for the other patients. The patient can remove the entire information related to his health from the mobile app and share it with the doctor and the doctor can add all the medicines, all the clinical data, all reports to a web-based portal. This means that the patient should go to the same doctor again or to any other doctor, he will have all the medical history available in the app.

These medicines history proves to be very beneficial in understanding the patient’s problem for a doctor. According to the history, the doctor will be able to tell more accurate treatment. After this initiative, Jamia became the first university where the health care system is being fully digitalized. Jamia’s 19 thousand students and 10 thousand existing and former employees will benefit from this system.

Asif is very happy with the agreement with his company and Jamia. Asif said that I always believe in the Entrepreneurship. I am also impressed with Digital India campaign and for this reason, I started this company. I am a student of Jamia, because of this, my first duty is to give this system to Jamia.


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