Indians spend their 70 percent of the time on social media: report

NewDelhi– Indians spend most of their time in using mobile. This is revealed through a report. When Indians use mobile, they either use social media or are listening to songs.

What do statistics say
According to statistics, mobile users in India spend 70% of their time using Facebook, Whatsapp, Music and Entertainment Apps. If compared to American people, then they spend 50% of their time on these apps. This report has been released by Omidyar Network. According to this report, American mobile users mostly give their timing to news, commerce, and gaming.

According to the report- While Indian users give an average of 200 minutes on mobile apps a day, American users spend 300 minutes on mobile apps per day. Where Indians uses 70 percent of social media and entertainment apps, while American users give 50 percent of their time to these apps.

Omidyar Network Report
Rupa Kudva, MD of the Omidyar Network, which issues the report, says that Facebook and WhatsApp’s social media share in India is 95%, whereas in the US the stock is only 55%. In India, YouTube holds 47 percent of the entertainment apps, but it is only 17 percent in the US.

Let us know, this report is based on the analysis done on 3 lakh Indians. This analysis has been done between April 2017 and June 2017. This report has also revealed that the number of women is increasing rapidly in the case of using gadgets that have been used. At present, 35 percent women do not have mobile. In terms of Internet users, the share of women is 35 percent and in the case of Facebook users, the share of women is 25 percent.

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