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Google Makes $1.1 Billion Deal with HTC’s Pixel Engineering Team

Once Taiwanese company HTC made a strong place in the market, but HTC has to struggle a lot due to the likes and growing demand for Samsung and Apple in the public.
Google is acquiring the team members and some other members who work on the Pixel smartphone in $ 1.1 billion, Google and HTC have confirmed this through a press conference after months of running rumors.

At this conference, HTC said that this deal with Google was done in $ 1.1 billion cash. In this deal, Google will get a non-exclusive license for HTC’s team members and HTC intellectual property (IP). Google expects to completely close this deal by the beginning of 2018.

Pixel is a smartphone introduced by Google which is manufactured by HTC, designing itself by Google. Google will take a bunch of team members who are working for Pixel and are part of HTC’s engineering and design teams.

HTC Google DealThis deal shows the strong step of Google’s hardware capabilities.
Senior Vice-President Rick Osterloh of Google’s hardware department said in a blog post on Google’s website that “this is just the beginning day of Google’s hardware business”

This deal creates a strong partnership between the two tech companies.
Rick Osterloh also said that “these googlers are very amazing people working in the Pixel smartphone line”

HTC has said that “monetizing their smartphone value chain and IP portfolio.” The focus of this deal from Google is very clear that they are committed to making smartphones aggressively.

This deal will make control over Google’s pixel smartphones and their team members. Google is launching a new generation of pixel devices at an event in San Francisco on October 4, which will include Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, a new PixelBook.

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