If you can not completely express your feelings on Twitter, then there is a good news for you, Twitter is working to double its word limit. Twitter has ultimately included the user’s requests to increase the character limit for tweets.

The microblogging platform Twitter has been testing to enhanced character limit for tweets for the first time since its beginning in 2006, from last one decade, Twitter has been following its 140-character limit.

Twitter says in a blog post that “Trying to cram your thoughts into a Tweet – we’ve all been there and it’s a pain.” Twitter stated that the new 280 characters limit would available after some tests. Twitter said that by increasing characters Limits, people could express their feelings even better.

Except for Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages, it includes English and other multiple languages. This is because the Asians can share almost double of the information in one character, for example, most Japanese Tweets have a length of about 15 characters, while 34 in English.

“Everyone who is using Twitter wants to express themselves easily on Twitter, so we are doing something new: we are trying to extend the character limit to 280 characters.”

Twitter has stated in one of his blog posts that “We feel confident about our data and this change has a positive effect, first of all, we will use it in a small group of people, after that we Will launch it for everyone.”

Currently, there are approximately 328 million users on Twitter in the world according to the data released by Ipsos MRBI, 380,000 adults over 15 of age use Twitter every day in the Republic.


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