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For the past two weeks, Facebook users are getting SMS notifications when signing up for Two Factor Authentication Security feature. Two-factor authentication for Facebook works as a second security layer. Interestingly, SMS is not related to any security feature.

The company has admitted that this is a bug and it has promised that it will be removed soon. Those who responded to this notification were asked to update their status on Facebook so that all the people could see it.

According to the news of the news, Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos said in a blog post, “Our intention was not to send non-security SMS notifications to these phone numbers, and for any inconvenience caused by these messages, have regret.’

People asked Facebook why their response to these notifications is seen as a status update on the social media platform.

Stamos said, “For years, before the ubiquity of the smartphone, we started supporting the posting on Facebook through the message, but this feature is quite useful in these days. The result is that we are going to shut down this system soon. ‘

The Facebook official said, “We are working to ensure that those who have signed up for two methods of authentication have not received non-security notifications from us unless they have special As you have mentioned to us. ‘

He said, ‘I would like to repeat it once again that it was not deliberate. It was a bug. ‘


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