FB smart speakers

Tech Veteran Company Facebook is now going to step into the world of smart speakers. The company could launch two smart speakers by July this year. The alleged codenamed Aloha and Fiona of these smart speakers have been kept. Reports have revealed that they will have a 15-inch touchscreen display and will also be able to video chat.

According to the news of the Android Authority, Aloha model will be the most expensive of both products and it can be categorized by the portal name. It is being told that it will provide voice and facial recognition feature to identify the user. In addition, it will also have a front facing camera with wide angle lens.

According to sources, Facebook has reportedly partnered with Sony and Universal Music. The music functions can also be inserted into the device. The company was in the process of launching these speakers in May but the launch has been extended to July to improve audio quality.

Nonetheless, no official announcement has been made by Facebook on behalf of this alleged speaker. So the real product comes out. It would be interesting to see. Because last year too many such reports were revealed, in which Facebook was the speaker’s launching. Also, there is no information about this.


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