The energy needed around the world can be fulfilled only by the winds of the North Atlantic Ocean. According to a study, by making a renewable energy project the size of India in the Atlantic Ocean, sustainable energy can be provided to the entire world and their needs can be met.

But some major problems can be met in fulfilling this project, the biggest problem is international cooperation and a big investment, but this project will give energy to the people so that the whole world will be lightened.

Two researchers named Anna Possner and Ken Caldeira found that if the wind farm will be built in the 3 million square km of the Atlantic Ocean then it can be provided as much energy as needed today.

In a Journal named Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Anna Possner and Ken Caldeira wrote, “The energy needs of the whole world on an annual basis can be fulfilled by the wind power of the North Atlantic Ocean.”

Dr. Anna Possner said that “We found that the winds located in the vast ocean are capable of tapping the atmosphere of wind in most of the environments, while coastal winds of wind farms have been forced by wind resources.”

Researchers found in their research that the speed of wind in the ocean is about 70 percent more than the average speed of land air. Building turbine in such speed of the wind is not easy.

Research has found that the blades are also used for air cutting, which limits the energy production to 1.5 watts on a square meter of land. On the other hand, energy can be made up to 6 watts per square meter in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists have said that electricity will be seasonal in this large North Atlantic wind farm, by this the average production of energy in summer will drop to the fifth part of the annual average.

Researchers said that a large wind farm in the North Atlantic would have to operate in a three-meter (9.8-ft) frequent high wave in ” remote and harsh conditions.” Such a project should be politically and financially acceptable.


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