Email users are most at risk of cyber attacks than other users: Symantec

As we know, in the last few months, malware has troubled a lot of people around the world. Many malware works to send unwanted emails and send and receive confidential and obscene messages to the computer. The special thing is that many hackers use it in their own interest and users do not even know which message content has been sent by their email.

Email users are more likely to face cyber threats via email than any other malware. It is revealed in a new report that one user from every nine users received such emails in the first half of 2017, it has been revealed in a report named ‘E-mail Threats 2017’ by Cyber ​​Security Company Symantec’s.

Business email compromise (BEC) scandals have also been identified as a cyber hazard, where scammers prepare a duplicate of a person within a company or administrative chain and try to withdraw money from the user or share sensitive information.

The report said, “We look at around 8,000 businesses by BEC scams in almost a month. On average, these businesses get e-mails of more than five scams every month.

The spam rate is now beginning to grow compared to 2011. According to the report, “In the first half of 2017, the spam rate touched 54 percent, which shows here that you have about 11 spam emails coming in the inbox every month compared to a year ago.”

Safe Browsing is the best effort to protect against malware. To avoid these, better anti-virus programs should be used, which identify and destroy them and let our computer system run smoothly. These programs should be constantly updated. Since the anti-virus program does not have the ability to disable malware such as Trojan and spyware, at least one anti-add ware program must be run with them.

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