Does your old iPhone slow down after the release of the new Apple iPhone 8? And soon 10th-anniversary special edition of iPhone X is about to launch. From a long time, Apple has been accused of slowing its old models at the time of releasing its new iPhone, so that people can buy their new iPhones.

Similar doubt is again folded when Apple released its new iOS 11, which is causing grievance to old iPhones.

There are reports that have been said that there was a lot of search on “iPhone slow” or “iPhone slowed down” on Google before the release of the iPhone. This shows that the iPhone users are facing problems.

A petition made by an online consumer group made an allegation against Apple last year in which it has been stated that Apple releases software updates to slow down the performance of its older model, to allow its users to consider buying new models.

But there is no evidence that iPhone slowdown its old models to increase sales of its new models. But Harvard’s study does not pay any attention to that issue. It just says that before the iPhone was released, the “iPhone slow” slot was searched on Google.

So, Is this just a myth that Apple slows down their old models? Yes. There is no proof of this, so psychology explains this phenomenon better, when there are new models of iPhone, suddenly people start searching for “iPhone slow” on Google.


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