Delete for Everywhere feature on WhatsApp failed, the message is visible!

Delete for Everyone feature on WhatsApp failed, the message is visible!

In WhatsApp, a special feature was released last year, Delight for Everyone. People liked it, but now there is a lack of this feature. This feature has been working very well in the interaction between two people. But if someone quotes your message in group chat, the deleted message can be read.

Delete for Everyone is a feature that allows messages sent within 7 minutes to be deleted for everyone. But now news has come out that if you send a message to any group and someone else quotes that message, then they will be seen even after deleting within 7 minutes. Although the deleted message will not show, only the quoted message will appear.

That is, after the quotes are made in the group chat, the Delete for Everyone feature does not work on that message. Although The Next Web has said it’s a feature in place of the bug. But there is no information about this feature in the FAQ page of WhatsApp. However, if a user is trying to delete the message sent by him and if any message is appearing in this situation then it should be considered as a defect.

As a reminder, this feature was introduced last year. The special thing is that it was getting demand for a long time. Facebook was highly appreciated for presenting this feature. This feature is currently available for all users worldwide.

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