15 Years Old Bug found in Mac-book Operating System

Hacking a MacBook is generally a bit tricky. You will hear more hacking news in Windows computers An IT security researcher has found a bug in Apple MacOS that can access the root of target devices. This means that hacking can be done by taking MacBook under its control.

This security researcher has found a security bottleneck in Apple Mac OS, which Apple has not released for years. Security researcher Siguja has said that this is a 15-year-old bug and he has also told about it on GitHub.

The researchers named this flaw, IOHIDRIA, which is present in the macOS of all versions and allows the read-write bug in the system to be able to manipulate the system. This bug called IOHIDeous also disables System Integrity Protection (SIP) and Apple’s Mobile File Integrity Security feature. Let you know that this protection system is designed to protect against malware.

The researcher wrote in his tweet, “A small and ugly bug, 15 years, compromised with the whole system”

Researchers looking for this bug have claimed that hackers can get their full control on the computer using this loophole. This bug is serious and generally, security researchers report such bugs to the company directly. Companies run a bounty program, under which a reward for the defaulter is given. But this researcher has made the information of this bug public.

This bug is only in MacOS and it is not in Apple’s other products like iOS. But what has been claimed is serious because this bug is in all versions of macOS.
The researcher Siguja has said that he has told this about this bug in public and did not report to Apple because Apple’s bug bounty program is not for macOS. At the moment Apple has not said anything yet about this.

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